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836 KB. Vengean - John Gwynne.epub. 693 KB. Violence - John Gwynne.epub. 776 KB. War - John Gwynne.epub. 755 KB. Will - John Gwynne.epub. 767 KB. Word - John Gwynne.epub. 926 KB. "The Ransack Chronicles:" Entire(Epub Version) The Ransack Chronicles is a series of books written by author John Gwynne. Each book covers the period from the end of the twentieth century to the beginning of the twenty first, with an emphasis on the modern era. It combines a number of genres, such as horror, sci fi and mystery, with a hard-hitting story arc that follows multiple characters over multiple years, all the while drawing you in from the first page. Each of these chapters are listed chronologically. For example, Chapter 1 begins in 1998, and Chapter 5 will be written in 2029. Chapter 1: The End of the World Chapter 2: V For Victory Chapter 3: The Hunter's Mark Chapter 4: Gravity and the Ghost Chapter 5: The Dreaded Passenger Chapter 6: The Virgin of G. Chapter 7: The Return of the Shadow Chapter 8: The Miracle Machine Chapter 9: The Sleeping Beauty Chapter 10: The Ransack Chronicles: Entire Chapter 11: The Onslaught Chapter 12: Revenge of the Clans Chapter 13: The Men from the Agency Chapter 14: Death Takes a Holiday Chapter 15: The Guilty and the Damned Chapter 16: When the Ransack Runs Out of Resources Chapter 17: A Lawsuit and a Prayer Chapter 18: The Ransack Chronicles: Entire (Epub Version) Chapter 19: The Answer Chapter 20: The Deep Ones Chapter 21: The Lion's Share Chapter 22: The Wings of the Sacred Machine Chapter 23: The Last Resort Chapter 24: The Dark Lord Returns Chapter 25: A Mother's Son



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