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For those who love to travel ,10 reasons to prefer a hostel !!

The hotel is no longer the ideal choice for all tourists, especially those who are obsessed with travel a lot, to show the "hostel", which is a hosting house in which the guest book a bed in a room shared with others, and he presents himself strongly in many countries, even in our Arab world.

You do not have to book a whole room on your own here at a high price, like you do in regular hotels, not only this is the reason why travelers prefer the hostel over the hotel, here are the main reasons why many people prefer it.!!

Low price:

One of the main reasons why a person resort to a hostel is its low price for hotels, which makes it easier for you to travel accommodation costs, as the cost of staying in a hostel drops to 50% for staying in the hotel.

unforgettable experience:

The hostel has other advantages that make it a unique experience that you cannot easily forget, there you will deal with different types of travelers from all over the world, and you will have the opportunity to get to know them and their different cultures, and you will feel with them much more comfort and acceptance than the hotel.

It is impossible to feel lonely:

Many of us are afraid of feeling lonely during their travels, and because of the lack of time and the large number of responsibilities it is difficult for us to coordinate our appointments to travel with family or friends, but the hostel solves this problem, in it you will find many individual travelers who never mind that they share your trip and tours, but some of them offer you Advice and a list of places to visit.

Communicate with the whole world :

You have your coffee in the morning, and you find Paulo from Spain having breakfast next to you, Charlotte from France who talks with Andrew from Canada, and the American Michael inviting you to go out on a tour, and you will hear stories of Lisa from Portugal, laughing at Ali's jokes from Morocco, this is in addition to the opportunities and invitations that You will receive it to visit their country.

time saving :

In the hostel, you will find many people who will assist you in planning your trip, whether they are guests or the hostel staff, who provide you with a map of the place with the most important attractions, guide books in more than one language, this is in addition to the trips organized by the hostel that you can join.

Unusual places to stay :

For lovers of difference, there is a group of hostels that provide you with unusual or exotic accommodations, for example what do you think of staying in a cave in Turkey or a floating house in Siberia, or a plane in Stockholm.

Outstanding location :

Most of the hostel locations are in the heart of the city center or near it, in order to be comfortable for guests and close to most of their destinations, and this makes you save time and transportation costs.

An inspiring place for great memories :

The human and cultural diversity in the hostel makes it a place rich in events and situations that deserve to be recorded and recorded. If you are a writer, blogger, video editor, or even someone who wants to collect special moments, the hostel will give you a wonderful opportunity to collect a lot of audio and written materials.

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